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Army Lion Ch.Sanjaadamba gets most of the votes for Naadam wrestling winner
Home pageArmy Lion Ch.Sanjaadamba gets most of the votes for Naadam wrestling winner
Infomongolia.com : Mongolia, Daily news, Information about Mongolia, Mongolian language lessonsWeb-based Mongolian national sports magazine “Khiimori” has been conducting a survey “Who will win the wrestling competition of Mongolian Traditional Naadam Festival in 2011”. 
The survey specifically focused on the selected most successful wrestlers in the previous years Naadam Festival namely, Dayan Avarga (Grand Champion) G.Usukhbayar, Ulsyn Arslan (State Lion) B.Ganbat, D.Gankhuyag, Kh.Munkhbaatar, Ulsyn Zaan (State Elephant) D.Ragchaa, M.Usukhbayar and Tsergiin Arslan (Army Lion) Ch.Sanjaadamba.
As per ongoing process of the survey, Tsergiin Arslan (Army Lion) Ch.Sanjaadamba gets most of the votes 33.5% which is equal to 271 survey responses out of 809 people involved in this survey at this stage. Elsewhere, Dayan Avarga (Grand Champion) G.Usukhbayar gets 124 votes and Ulsyn Arslan (State Lion) B.Ganbat gets 119 votes alongside him at the moment.
That is surely a rare case if a wrestler without any state title outruns through the survey result for the Naadam wrestling competition. 

July 07, 2011

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