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Mongolia intends to purchase new fighter jets

Home pageMongolia intends to purchase new fighter jets
Infomongolia.com : Mongolia, Daily news, Information about Mongolia, Mongolian language lessonsUnited States weekly magazine “Aviation Week and Space Technology” informed that the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia intends to buy four or five new fighter jets MIG-29 from Russia.
As per interview of the Minister of Defense of Mongolia L.Bold, that Mongolia is going to purchase MIG-29 fighter jets from Russia and that’s one of the integral parts of the cooperation contract with the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In addition to the purchase of fighter jets, the Ministry of Defense of Mongolia also intends to purchase a ground simulator for training pilots from Russia because the Mongolian air force has sufficient well-qualified pilots that obtained specific qualifications in Russia. Besides, the Government of Mongolia seeks to have an observatory satellite from somewhere of Europe, Russia or Japan; at the same time, investigating the possibility to send Mongolian astronauts to space at this moment. 
Currently, the Mongolian Air Force has eight interceptor MIG-21PFM and two training frontline MIG-21US but did not have MIG-29 fighter jets. During the period of 1977 to 1984, the country had received a total of forty-four MIG-21 planes but now only two of them are able to perform flights. Mongolia also plans to purchase a military transport plane with a load capacity of 20 tons and a lounge for 100 passengers in the nearest future.
Russia is keen to trade the MIG-29 fighter jets overseas and much appreciates for Mongolia's intending purchase, while Russia’s trade plan of fighter jets to Malaysia was withdrawn recently.
On the contrary, the Russian flight group “Strizhi” has contradicted against the trade of new MIG-29 fighter jets to Mongolia because the flight group still performs the air show flights on old MIG-29 fighter jets.  Therefore, the fund raising campaign had already started by “Strizhi” in Russia to bid against Mongolia’s intention for those new fighter jets.
By the way, the previous information sources were provided along the recent media in Mongolia noting that the country will be supplied by Su-27B fighter jets from Russia. In recent years, the Mongolian Military Defense has been strongly positioning to improve military equipment and already secured the procurement of Pechora-2M surface-to-air missile system, MI-24B attack helicopters, T-72 tanks and BTR-80M armored personnel carriers so far. 

Update: 2011.08.25: Memorandum of the Military-Technical cooperation is signed between Mongolia and Russia
Photo news: Military Parade for the honor of National Flag of Mongolia, July 10, 2011
Photo news: International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, May 28, 2011


July 18, 2011

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