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Tourist attractions of Mongolian aimags
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Taikhar Chuluu, Arkhangai aimagThe Tourism and Development Board of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has organized a national symposium "Tourism and Competitiveness 2011" under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Mongolia on March 28th 2011, through which, the value added decision was approved to discover brand new tourist attractions and to determine and introduce the Natural Wonders of Mongolia to the domestic and global arena.
According to the decision, the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry has conducted a campaign with the Governor Offices of each aimag of Mongolia to determine their seven wonders based upon cultural and natural distinctive features along with photo albums and previous decades of historical data records. As a result, a total of 159 sights were selected from 21 aimags across Mongolia on August 24th 2011.
News: Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011: Mongolia
Arkhangai aimag
1. Chuluutyn Gol (Chuluut River) 
2. Khorgyn Togoo (Khorgo Crater) 
3. Terkhiiin Tsagaan Nuur (Terkh White Lake) 
4. Suvarga Khairkan (Sacred Mountain Suvarga) 
5. Tamiryn Gol (Tamir River) 
6. Bulgan Uul (Bulgan Mountain) 
7. Taikhar Chuluu (Taikhar Chuluu Rock Formation) 
8. Khar Balgas (Khar Balgas Ruins) 
9. Bileg Khaany Complex (Bileg Khaan Complex) 

Bayan-Ulgii aimag  
1. Yoltyn Sav Gazar (Yolt Basin) 
2. Altai Tavan Bogd Natural Reserve 
3. Potany Musun Gol (Potan Ice River) 
4. Baga Uigaryn Tsagaan Salaany Khadny Sug Zurag (Tsagaan Salaa Rock Paintings in Baga Uigar) 
5. Baga Turgenii Khurkhree (Baga Turgen Waterfall) 
6. Tolbo Nuur (Tolbo Lake) 
7. Achit Nuur (Achit Lake) 

Bayankhongor aimag 
1. Tsagaan Agui (White Cave) 
2. Bichigt Khad (Bichigt Rock) 
3. Shatar Chuluun Khushuu (Chess Stone Monument) 
4. Turkic Khaganate Period Inscriptions 
5. Bugiin Tsavyn Khooloi (Bug Canyon) 
6. Shargaljuutyn Khaluun Rashaan (Shargaljuut Hot Spring) 
7. Ikh Bogd Uul (Great Bogd Mountain) 

Bulgan aimag 
1. Khugnu Tarna Natural Reserve 
2. Uran Togoo Uul (Uran Togoo Mountain, extinct volcano) 
3. Shiveet Ulaany Complex (Shiveet Ulaan Complex) 
4. Khar Bukhyn Balgas (Khar Bukh Ruins) 
5. Chin Tolgoin Balgas (Chin Hills Ruins) 
6. Bii Bulgyn Balgas (Ruins of Bii Spring) 
7. Mogoin Shine Us (Fresh Water of Snake) 

Govi-Altai aimag 
1. Eej Khairkhan Uul (Mother Khairkhan Mountain) 
2. Burkhan Buudai Uul (Burkhan Buudai Mountain) 
3. Sutai Khairkhan Uul (Sutai Khairkhan Mountain) 
4. Tsagaan Golyn Khadny Zurag (Rock Paintings of White River) 
5. Mongol Els (Mongolian Sand) 
6. Khasagt Khairkhan Uul (Khasagt Khairkhan Mountain) 
7. Aj Bogdyn Nuruu (Aj Borg Mountains) 
8. Ereen Nuur (Ereen Lake) 
9. Shaakhar Tolgoi (Shaakhar Hill) 

Govi-Sumber aimag 
1. Choiryn Bogd Uul (Choiriin Bogd Mountain) 
2. Choiryn Khiidiin Tuuri (Choir Monastery Ruins) 
3. Tsagaan Dari Ekh (White Tara) 
4. Dagvasundel Burkhan (Dagvasundel Deity) 
5. Khuukhdiin Ovoo (Childs Ovoo) 
6. Dugan Meerengiin Khushuu (Monument to Dugan Meeren) 
7. Tsoorkhoin Rashaan (Tsoorkhoi Mineral Spring) 

Darkhan-Uul aimag 
1. Takhilgat Ikh Darkhan Uul (Great Darkhan Holy Mountain) 
2. Durlalyn Mod (Love Tree) 
3. Sharyn Golyn Zoson Zurag (Rock Paintings in Sharyn Gol) 
4. Buural Uulyn Bulsh (Tombs of Buural Mountain) 
5. Durs Nars (Durs Pine) 
6. Lam Dondovyn Rashaan (Mineral Spring of Lama Dondov) 
7. Khuitnii Golyn Khadny Bichees (Stone Inscriptions Khuitnii Gol River) 
Dornogovi aimag 
1. Khamaryn Khiidiin Tsogtsolbor (Khamar Monastery Complex) 
2. Tsagaan Dari Ekh (White Tara) 
3. Suikhent, Ulgii Khiid (Suikhent, Ulgii Monastery) 
4. Tsonjiin Chuluu (Tsonj Rock) 
5. Burdene Bulag, Munkhiin Am (Burdene Spring, Munkh Valley) 
6. Ergeliin Zoo 
7. Nudengiin Khonkhor (Nuden Valley) 

Dornod aimag 
1. Chinggisiin Khermen Tsav (Khermen Canyon of Chinggis) 
2. Kherlen Bars Khotyn Tuuri Tsamkhag (Kherlen Bars Ruins) 
3. Buir Nuur (Buir Lake) 
4. Khailangiin Khadny Khun Chuluu, Durvuljin Bulsh (Man-stones, Square Tombs of Khailangiin Khad) 
5. Ikh Burkhan Chuluun Burkhany Tsogtsolbor (Great Deity, Stone Deity Complex) 
6. Shonkh Tavan Tolgoin Khun Chuluun Khushuu (Man-Stone of Shonkh Tavan Tolgoi) 
7. Khamar Davaany Yalaltyn Khushuu (Memorial to victory on Khamar Davaa Pass) 
8. Khalkh Gol (Khalkha River) 
9. Vangiin Tsagaan Uul (Vangiin Tsagaan Mountain)  

Dundgovi aimag 
1. Ikh Gazryn Chuluu (Stones of Ikh Gazar) 
2. Del Uul (Del Mountain) 
3. Baga Gazryn Chuluu (Stones of Baga Gazar) 
4. Ongiin Khiidiin Tuuri (Ruins of Ongi Monastery) 
5. Morin Khuur 
6. Uush Mankhan (Uush Dune) 
7. Delgerkhangai Uul (Delgerkhangai Mountain) 

Zavkhan aimag 
1. Otgontenger Khairkhan (Sacred Mountain Otgontenger) 
2. Khar Nuur (Khar-Black Lake) 
3. Zagastain Davaany Khun Chuluu (Man-Stone of Zagastai pass) 
4. Bor Khyariin Elsen Mankhan (Sand-Dune of Bor Khyar) 
5. Tesiin Gol (Tes River) 
6. Ikh Khairkhan Uul (Ikh Khairkhan Mountain) 
7. Daagan Deliin Bugan Chuluun Khushuu (Deer stones of Daagan Del) 
8. Ider Golyn Bugan Khushuu Dursgal (Deer stones of Ider River) 
9. Sangiin Khermiin Tuuri (Ruins of Sangiin Kherem Fortress) 

Orkhon aimag 
1. Zereglee (Mirage) 
2. Airgiin Gozgoryn Khunnugiin dursgalt chuluu (Khunnu Memorial Stone of Airgiin Gozgor) 
3. Buurunkhii Sair (Oval Pebbles) 

Uvurkhangai aimag  
1. Arts Bogd Uul (Arts Bogd Mountain) 
2. Khujirtyn Rashaan (Khujirt Mineral Spring) 
3. Mongol Tumnii Moriny Ikh Shuteen (Horse Shrine complex) 
4. Kharkhorum Khot (Ancient Capital of the Great Mongol Empire, Karakorum) 
5. Erdene Zuu Khiid (Erdene Zuu Monastery) 
6. Tevsh Uul (Tevsh Mountain) 
7. Tuvkhun Khiid (Tuvkhun Monastery) 

Umnugovi aimag 
1. Govi Gurvan Saikhan (The Three Beauties of Govi) Mountains 
2. Bayanzag (Ancient Dinosaur Land) 
3. Nemegt, Khermen Tsav (Nemegt, Khermen Canyon) 
4. Galbyn Govi (Galba Govi) 
5. Noyon Bogd, Toli Khad (Noyon Bogd, Toli Stone) 
6. Algui Ulaan Tsav (Algui Red Canyon) 
7. Khongoryn Els (Khongor Sands) 
8. Sangiin Dalai Khiid (Sangiin Dalai Monastery) 
9. Galbyn Gurvan Khiid (Three Monasteries of Galba) 

Khovd aimag 
1. Tsenkheriin Agui (Tsenkher Cave) 
2. Khar Us Nuur (Khar Us-Black Water Lake) 
3. Munkh Khairkhan Uul (Munkh Khairkhan Mountain) 
4. Bayanzurkhiin Bugan Khushuu (Deer stones of Bayanzurkh) 
5. Altan Khukhii Uul (Altan Khukhii Mountain) 
6. Kharuul Ovoo (Guardian Ovoo) 
7. Yamaan Usnii Khadny Sug Zurag (Rock Paintings of Yamaan Us) 
8. Tsambagarav Uul (Tsambagarav Mountain) 
9. Ishgen Tolgoin Khadnii Zurag (Ishgen Hills Rock Paintings) 

Uvs aimag 
1. Uvs Nuur (Uvs Lake) 
2. Khyargas Nuur (Khyargas Lake) 
3. Altan Elsnii Darkhan Tsaazat Gazar (National Park of Golden Sands) 
4. Khan Khukhii Uuls (Khan Khukhii Mountains) 
5. Chandmani Uulyn Dursgal (Chandmani Mountain Memorial) 
6. Goojuuryn Khurkhree (Goojuur Waterfall) 
7. Mungut Tsakhir Uul (Mungut Tsakhir Mountains) 
8. Deglii Tsagaan Uul (Deglii Tsagaan Mountain) 
9. Zuraagiin Ulaan Khadnii Zurag (Red Rock Paintings of Zuraa) 
Khuvsgul aimag 
1. Soyony Bus Nutag (Sayan Zone) 
2. Khuvsgul Nuur (Khuvsgul Lake) 
3. Dayan Deerkhiin Agui (Dayan Deerkh Cave) 
4. Uushgiin Uvriin Bugan Khushuu (Deer stones of Uushgiin Uvur) 
5. Ulaan Tolgoin Bugan Khushuu (Deer stones of Red Hill) 
6. Darkhadyn 13 Ovoo (13 Ovoo of Darkhads) 
7. Tsaatny Nutag (Land of Tsaatan-Dukha) 

Selenge aimag 
1. Amarbayasgalant Khiid (Amarbayasgalant Monastery) 
2. Soronzon Khad (Magnetic Stone) 
3. Altanbulag City 
4. Khaluun Rashaan (Hot spring) 
5. Tujiin Nars (Tuj Pine Forest) 
6. Duut Khad (Singing Stone) 
7. Saikhany Khutul (Saikhan Pass) 

Sukhbaatar aimag 
1. Altan Ovoo (Golden Ovoo Mountain, extinct volcano)  
2. Shiliin Bogd (Shiliin Bogd Mountain, extinct volcano) 
3. Mongolyn Khun Chuluud (Mongolian Man-Stones) 
4. Tavan Tolgoin Tsogtsolbor (Tavan Tolgoi Archeological Complex) 
5. Ganga Nuur, Orgikhyn Bulag (Ganga Lake, Orgikh Spring) 
6. Khungiin Chuulgan (Session of Swans) 
7. Yeguzeriin Khiid (Yeguzer Monastery) 

Khentii aimag 
1. Burkhan Khaldun Uul (Burkhan Khaldun Mountain) 
2. Baldan Bereeven Khiid (Baldan Bereeven Monastery) 
3. Chinggisiin Gerelt Khushuu (Chinggis Khaan Monument) 
4. Deluun Boldog (Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan) 
5. Khar Zurkhnii Khukh Nuur (Khukh-Blue Lake of Khar Zurkh-Black Heart) 
6. Kherlengiin Khuduu Aral (Khuduu Aral-Wild Islands of Kherlen) 
7. Uglugchiin Kherem (Uglugch Fortress) 
8. Rashaan Khad (Mineral Spring Stone) 
9. Duurlig Narsny Khunnugiin Bulsh (Khunnu state tombs of Duurlig Pines) 

Tuv aimag 
1. Manzushir Khiidiin Tuuri (Manzushir-Manjusri Monastery Ruins) 
2. Khustai Nuruu Natural Reserve 
3. Gunjiin Sum (Princess Temple) 
4. Zorgol Khairkhan Uul (Zorgol Khairkhan Mountain) 
5. Chinggis Khaany Morit Khushuu (Chinggis Khaan Statue Complex) 
6. Tonyukuk Khushuunii Bichees (Tonyukuk Stele Inscriptions) 
7. Tsogt Khun Taijiin Duutyn Khadny Bichees (Duut Stone Inscriptions of Prince Tsogt) 
Info: Provinces of Mongolia


August 25, 2011

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