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Asian Development Bank will raise the rate of Mongolia

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Asian Development Bank will raise the rate of MongoliaSpeaker of the State Great Khural D.Demberel received the new Permanent Representative of Asian Development Bank in Mongolia, Robert Schoellhammer on August 25, 2011. 
At the beginning of the meeting Speaker D.Demberel congratulated Mr.Robert Schoellhammer on his newly accepted position as Permanent Representative in Mongolia; the two parts discussed further cooperative plans, exchanged views and noticed that Asian Development Bank (ADB) has played an officially significant role in the development of Mongolia among other financial institutions.
Furthermore, Robert Schoellhammer pointed out that the ADB turns gratefully towards Mongolian economical development and from this point of view this is an opportunity to get a new type of aid by improving the rate of Mongolia. Also, he noticed that Mongolian partnership policy is going to be reviewed and sent to the Executive office of ADB on October 2011. The renewed policy includes health, education and infrastructure, energy sectors of Mongolia and also to support private sectors’ involvement. Speaker D.Demberel appreciated hearing the new partnership policy of Mongolia and its new rate in the ADB. 


August 26, 2011

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