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Mongolian language to be included into Google Translate

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Mongolian language to be included into Google Translate
Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google Corporation, made his first visit to Mongolia, who met up with the Mongolian Prime Minister S.Batbold, Minister of Defense L.Bold and Head of the Information, Communications Technology and Post Authority (ICTPA) J.Bat-Erdene to discuss cooperation possibilities between Mongolia and Google Corporation.
The main outcome from the discussion with the Executive Chairman of Google Inc. was to include the Mongolian language in Google Translate, a world wide website translating over 50 languages. Anyone who works in the internet environment, especially students, use this program on a constant basis, however there are many difficulties, such as double translations, as the Mongolian language is not included in the data base. Also thoughts have been shared on the possibilities of showing support on setting a system for trading applications, made by Mongolian programmers, on the world Android market. He also noted, by increasing the access of Mongolians into the Android market, it will provide our mobile carriers to use their phone in full capacity. Also, matters to include and load constant updates of Mongolia into Google Earth, one of the most popular applications on the internet where it shows a high resolution map of big cities narrowed down with “Street View”, were discussed at the meeting. Moreover, Head of ICTPA, J.Bat-Erdene put forward an offer of establishing a Google Data center in Mongolia, to which Eric Schmidt answered positively, emphasizing on the partnership possibilities. The ICTPA also held an offer of training Mongolian specialists in specific categories at Google on a short/middle term basis. After his first visit to Mongolia, Mr. Eric Schmidt emphasized the great potential of the exhilarating development in the information technology sector of Mongolia and has announced further active partnership.
Update: 2013.12.11: Mongolian language is now included into Google Translate Service
News: 2011.06.16: Cooperation proposal with Google
Android version 
Google Translate is available as a free downloadable application for Android OS users. The first version was launched in January 2010. It works simply like the browser version. Google translation for Android contains two main options: "SMS translation" and "History". 
An early 2011 version supported Conversation Mode when translating between English and Spanish (in alpha testing). This new interface within Google Translate allows users to communicate fluidly with a nearby person in another language. In October it was expanded to 14 languages. 
The application supports 53 languages and voice input for 15 languages. It is available for devices running Android 2.1 and above and can be downloaded by searching for “Google Translate” in the Android Market. It was first released in January 2010, with an improved version available on January 12, 2011.
iOS version 
In August 2008, Google launched a Google Translate HTML5 web application for iOS for iPhone and iPod touch users. The official Apple iOS app for Google Translate was released February 8, 2011. It accepts voice input for 15 languages and allows translation of a word or phrase into one of more than 50 languages. Translations can be spoken out loud in 23 different languages. 

November 16, 2011

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