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Hi-Fi Records: Top-10 albums in Mongolia

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Hi-Fi Records: Top-10 albums in Mongolia
The Hi-Fi Records music store issued the best-selling Top-10 albums in Mongolia and the album "Mongol Pop" by the singer D.Bold led the ranking list for this week.
1. “Mongol Pop” album by the singer D.Bold. Price: 9,999 MNT 
2. “Rocket Bayaraa” album by the hip hop singer RokitBay. Price: 6,900 MNT  
3. “Tengerleg Anduud” album by the singer Kh.Lkhagvasuren. Price: 15,000 MNT 
4. “Mongolz” album by the rapper Gee and “Jonon” band. Price: 10,000 MNT 
5. “My Songs 2010” by the music composer L.Balkhjav. Price: 18,000 MNT 
6. “Gaikhmaaraa” album by the violinist Ch.Delgertsetseg. Price: 15,000 MNT 
7. “True Mongolian Melody” album by the singer B.Sarantuya. Price: 14,000 MNT 
8. “Khairyn Gegee” album by “Motiv” band. Price: 7,000 MNT  
9. “Mongol” album by “Altan Urag” band. Price: 10,000 MNT  
10. "Emotion" album by "Sweetymotion" girl band. Price 12,500 MNT 


November 23, 2011

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