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Bolor Tsom to be held in Arkhangai aimag

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Bolor Tsom to be held in Arkhangai aimag
With the initiative of the Governor of Arkhangai aimag Yo.Baatarbileg and the Mongolian Writers' Union together with the Mongolian National Broadcasting Television (MNB), is organizing the "Bolor Tsom-29" or "Crystal Cup-29" festival of poetry in Tsetserleg city of Arkhangai aimag on December 10-11, 2011. 
In this festival, over 340 compositions of around 170 poets came in, where the names of 38 poets to perform on the next round were announced. Additional to these poets, the winners of the previous “Bolor Tsom” contest will perform as well. Included amongst the contestants of this year, the runner up of the 2008 Bolor Tsom poet O.Tsend-Ayush, 2nd place winner for the 2009 Bolor Tsom poet B.Myagmarjav and the second place winner of the 2010 Bolor Tsom poet M.Uyansukh accordingly. 
The delegations of the “Bolor Tsom-29” festival will climb the Bulgan Mountain on December 10th, to see the statue of Buddha and get pictures taken. They will also visit Ikhtamir and Tsenkher sums, organizing an open day for “National poets meeting”. The winner of the Bolor Tsom will be picked on December 11th, with a live transmission though the Mongolian National Broadcasting Television. 


December 08, 2011

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