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MSE Top 20 Companies by January 09, 2012

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According to the "MSE securities Index calculation rule", the Top-20 index basket is renewed every six months. This time, the following 20 Joint Stock Companies, which lead by its market capitalization and daily average trading value, have been included in the new basket based on the second half year indicator of 2011.
Joint Stock Companies included in the basket beginning from January 01, 2012 are:
  1. APU 
  2. Baganuur 
  3. Sharyn Gol 
  4. Tavan Tolgoi 
  5. Mogoin Gol 
  6. Shivee Ovoo 
  7. BDSec 
  8. Gobi 
  9. Aduunchuluun 
  10. Khukh Gan 
  11. Mongolian Development Resources 
  12. State Department Store (UID) 
  13. Remicon
  14. Talkh Chikher 
  15. Silikat (Silicate) 
  16. Berkh Uul 
  17. Bayangol Hotel 
  18. Telecom Mongolia 
  19. Genco Tour Bureau 
  20. Mongol Shiltgeen 

January 09, 2012
Update: June 09, 2014

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