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Shagai - The Fortune TellerInfoMongolia.com is pleased to announce that our new application "Shagai - The Fortune Teller" has launched! Our valuable users now can enjoy the anklebones fortune-telling game while surfing through the Site.
Thank you for staying with us and enjoy the game!
Shagai is a talus of the ankle (knucklebone) of a sheep or goat. Mongolians have honored their stock’s anklebones since ancient times, and that keeping Shagais, collecting them is believed to bring balance, happiness and goodluck in life. The bones are collected and widely used for traditional and fortune-telling games in Mongolia.

You only need four anklebones to know what your future may hold. Hold the Shagais in your hand, whisper whatever you wish to know, and roll them on a flat surface. A bone lands on one of its four sides: Horse, Camel, Sheep or Goat. The positioning of Shagais will tell you your fortune. If there is one horse, one camel, one sheep and one goat, it’s called “Durvun Berkh”, literally meaning "Four Challenges" or "Four Difficulties", which is rare to throw four different sides at once so it is believed that everything you wished for will be granted. Mongolians continue to play this game even to this day. Now, let’s find out your future!
News: The Shagai - Traditional Anklebone Divination is now available at the iTunes App Store
Get the Anklebone Divination apps on iTunes Store:
- iPad version
- iPhone version


February 03, 2012

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