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Geomandal Group
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Geomandal company is established in 1997 as a national pioneer company that introduced international standards on field camps in remote areas with a limited access to infrastructure. From its establishment, we are offering full range of remote site camp support services for mining and exploration camps. 

Geomandal Group

Our clients can be assured that all aspects of our services are carried out in a professional and cost efficient manner. Some of the highlights are: 
  • Over 17 years experience and knowledge of local customs and conditions 
  • Understanding the needs of Mining Industry 
  • Implementation of ISO 9001 and HACCP standards 
  • Zero Accident Operating Procedure 
  • Well trained and trusted professional staff 
  • Responsible Management Team with an extensive work experience proven over the last decades 
One of the many reasons why should clients consider Geomandal over other companies is its professional awards by Mongolian government as well as client companies. 

Geomandal is listed one of the TOP Mongolian companies by the Mongolian Government and the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce
  • 80th   of TOP 100 companies of Mongolia in 2007 
  • 105th of TOP 150 companies of Mongolia in 2010 
  • 74th   of TOP 150 companies of Mongolia in 2011 
  • 68th   of TOP 150 companies of Mongolia in 2012 
It was also chosen as the BEST SUPPLIER of the year by OT LLC 
  • Best Supplier of 2010 
  • Best Large Supplier of 2012 
Our business goal is: 
  • To maximize Mongolian national employment and participation  
  • Utmost clients’ satisfaction 
  • Safe operation – working towards “Zero” harm and incidents 
Services offered by us are: 
  • Camp catering 
  • Camp management 
  • Camp maintenance 
  • Camp cleaning services 
  • Camp laundry services 
  • Full facility camp rental  
  • Logistics and procurement  
  • Transportation 
  • Travel management 
  • Vehicle Rental 
  • Supply of gers 
  • Supply of furniture 
  • Supply of kitchen equipments 
  • Construction of turn-key camps 
  • Remote site engineering solutions 
Geomandal subsidiaries 
As our business has expanded, we have established number of subsidiary companies to support various aspects of our business since 2005. The head company Geomandal LLC has now over 8 subsidiary companies. 
  • Geomandal Facility Management 
    - Camp catering and facility management 
  • Geomandal Star 
    - Turn-key camp design and construction 
    - Metal processing, cabinetry and maintenance 
  • Geomandal Trade  
    - Meat processing plant 
    - Kitchen equipment supplier 
  • Geomandal Security  
    - Contracted Security Services 
  • Bayargeo 
    - Vehicle Maintenance Shop 
  • Buyant-Ujin  
    - Noodle, dumpling producer  
  • Tegsh Mandal Trade  
    - Operator of Mandal Resort 
  • Geomandal Agro  
    - Agriculture , landscaping, forestry and rehabilitation 


Geomandal Group

GFM provides full range of catering and support services.  
  • Remote site camp catering 
  • Function Catering and Theme Night. 
  • Camp and facility Management 
  • Housekeeping and janitorial services 
  • Laundry 
  • Logistics and procurement 
  • Transportation 
  • Lifestyle Coordination 
  • Village and Camp Maintenance 
  • Travel and accommodation management 
  • Emergency services management 
  • Ger Supply and Construction 
  • Full Facility Camp Rental 
  • Vehicle Rental 
  • Supply of Kitchen, Laundry and Catering Equipment 
Some of GFM’s Completed and Current Field Catering Services 
Period of Performance Name of Client Name of Camps/Projects  Location (Name of Province) Capacity of Camps
1997 Int. Pursuit, Java Gold Corp, 7 fly &permanent camps In 7 provinces  
2000-2004 Ivanhoe Mines OT Exploration Project Camps South Gobi 3 camps: 50psn, 100psn and 250psn onsite
2001-2002 Gobi Drilling OT and Kharmagtai Project South Gobi 3 camps: 30psn, 50psn and 35psn onsite
2003-2007 Erdene Resource Development Temujin, Galshar and Tsagrig Camps Sukhbaatar 25-40psn on site.
2004-2008 AIDD Drilling Camps South Gobi & Gobi Altai 25-75psn camps
2005 Major Drilling Drilling Camps South Gobi & Khovd  
2005 International Uranium Permanent and Fly camps Selenge Pr.  
2005-2007 Western Prospector Mongolia Emeelt Mines Project Dornod 200psn camp
2006-2008 BHPB Mongolia Copper exploration South Gobi 50psn camp
2008-2012 Areva (France) Uranium Exploration Dornogobi Province 50-90psn
2010-2012 Aspire Mining Ovoot Camp Huvsgul 60-170psn
2012-2012 Nadmin LLC (Kencoro) Origo camp Dornogobi 60-80psn
2012-2013 Haranga LLC Uuree Camp Selenge 45psn
2011-2014 Oyu Tolgoi LLC 3 camps at OT South Gobi 3 camps, 1200psn

Geomandal Facility Management 
3rd Floor, Mustang Center Bldg, 
N.Sodnom St., Khoroo #8,  
Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar 
14181 Mongolia 

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 7010-0714 
Fax: +(976) 7010-0714 
Email: info@ geomandal.mn 
Web: www.geomandal.mn 


Geomandal Group

Geomandal Group

In addition to its camp catering and facility management services, Geomandal has been engaged in camp construction and engineering works. In 2005, Geomandal Star LLC has established and been focusing on engineering, camp construction, maintenance and procurement services. 

Geomandal Star provides complete turn-key projects and customized facilities upon client’s requirements. These are:  
  • Moveable Accommodations 
  • Mobile Ablution Blocks 
  • Mobile Office Containers 
  • Shower, Toilet and Laundry Facilities 
  • Prefabricated Modular Facilities such as Kitchen and Mess Halls, Offices, Recreations, Clinics and other field facilities furnished with necessary equipments and furniture 
  • Geo Ger- weatherheaven potential to utilize like: kitchen, mess hall, office, workshop, recreation, core logging and core storage 
  • Transportation and logistical support 
  • Camp construction and assembly  
  • Electrical reticulation including petrol or diesel generators 
  • Water reticulation 
  • Sewerage and water treatment 
  • Perimeter fencing 
  • Internal roads and walkways 
  • Supply of all soft furnishings 
Some of Geomandal Star’s completed and current camp construction activities: 
  • For IMMI: Set-up of Oyu Tolgoi Exploration Camp, South Gobi, 2000-2004 
  • For Gobi Drilling: Construction & Setup of Oyu Tolgoi & Kharmagtai Camp, South Gobi, 2001 
  • For Erdene Resource Development Corp.: Construction & Setup of 3 camps in Sukhbaatar & Khentii aimag (province), 2005 
  • For Entree Gold: Construction & Setup of field camp facilities in South Gobi, 2005 
  • For Western Prospector: Turn-key Construction Projects for 75 man & 200 man camp at Saddle Hill Site in Dornod aimag (province), 2004 & 2006 
  • For IMMI: Turn-key construction & setup of 150 man camp project at OT Project in South Gobi, 2007 
  • For Areva: Construction & Setup of 80 person Dulaan Uul camp in Dornod aimag (province), 2008 
  • For MCS International: Construction & setup of Camp Facilities, 2009 
  • For Energy Resources: Tavan Tolgoi Coal Project, Manufacturing and Setup of Field Camp Portable Facilities, 2009 
  • For OT LLC: Master Ger Erection & furniture supply contract at OT Site in South Gobi, 2010 
  • For OT LLC: Construction & Setup of 500 man Khan Bogd camp at OT Site in South Gobi, 2010 
  • For OT LLC: Construction & Setup of Aircraft Terminal Facilities at OT Site, South Gobi, 2010 
  • For Leighton Asia: Tavan Tolgoi, Khushuut & Ulaan Nuur Project, Manufacturing and Setup of Field Camp Portable Facilities, 2010 
  • For QGX: Construction of Baruun Naran Camp, South Gobi, 2010 
  • For Oyu Tolgoi LLC: Supply of Geo Ger Ablution Blocks, South Gobi, 2010 
  • For Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi: Turn-key construction project of 150 men camp, South Gobi, 2012 
  • For Oyu Tolgoi LLC: Various types of construction and engineering solutions. 2010 – 2014 
Geomandal Star LLC 
Khoroo #23, Khujirbulan,  
BZ District, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia  
14181 Mongolia 

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 96650620 
Fax: +(976) 96650620 
Email: star@geomandal.mn 
Web: www.geomandal.mn 


Geomandal Group

Geomandal Group

TEGSH MANDAL TRADE LLC, the first subsidiary of Geomandal was established in 2000. It operates MANDAL RESORT. The resort is located 60 km east of Ulaanbaatar, nearby the large monument of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan).  

The resort consists of 12 cabins with 4 beds each, 4 dorms with 8-9 beds, 10 ger shaped bungalows with 4 beds and indoor toilet and shower facilities, as well as 10 private bungalows. 

The restaurant’s capacity is for 150 persons. Karaoke rooms are available in the three story building with a view of river and mountain. Also, there is a playground for basketball, volleyball, football and an outdoor tennis court. 

Conferences, receptions and business meetings are organized at the resort regularly. Our resort is being operated during the 4 seasons of the year. 

Mandal Resort (Tegshmandal Trade LLC) 
60km east of UB, 7km east of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan) Monument 
Erdene Sub-province, Tuv Province 
14181 Mongolia 

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 99901814 
Fax: +(976) 999018104 
Email: resort@geomandal.mn 
Web: www.mandalresort.com 


Geomandal Group

Geomandal Group

GEOMANDAL TRADE LLC is engaged in foreign and domestic trade business.  It orders and supplies broad range of material and equipments for Geomandal’s construction and other activities.

Another primary activity of Geomandal Trade is the meat processing. It supplies our clients and remote field camps with preliminarily processed meat.  

KhD-48, Amgalan-1 Street, Khoroo No 10 
Bayan Zurkh District, Ulaanbaatar 

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 9909-7709 
Fax: +(976) 999018104 
Email: resort@geomandal.mn 
Web: www.mandalresort.com 

Geomandal Security LLC, a subsidiary of Geomandal has been engaged in security service since 2007. It holds Security License No 086 and Radio Frequency Application License No 69611. 

All its security personnel attend in Professional training programs and courses which are provided by Internal Affairs University for Contract Security Personnel. We also train and retrain our employees on a regular basis. 

We provide the following Security Services 
  • Personal Security Guard Service for individuals, children and foreign experts 
  • Facility Security Guard Service for houses, offices, warehouses, buildings and facilities 
  • Local Community Security Service, i.e. public events and gatherings, sport competitions etc. 
  • Security Service during Transportation, i.e. transportation of precious metals, cash money, valuable goods etc. 
We provide as well the following Camera-Alarm Systems 
  • Installation of Tele Controlling Systems, i.e. recording equipment, cameras etc.
  • Installation of Alarm Systems, i.e. fire, water, gas and burglar alarms, alarm buttons etc.
  • Supply of radio and communication equipment, i.e. various  types of walky-talkies and portable communication equipment used in cars, re-transmitters, and other accessories
3rd Floor, Mustang Center Bldg, 
N.Sodnom St., Khoroo #8, 
Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar  
14181 Mongolia 

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 7010-0714 
Fax: +(976) 9999-5428 
Email: security_service@geomandal.mn 


Geomandal Group

Geomandal Group

Bayargeo LLC was established in 2002 to maintain a carpentry workshop. 

Due to local market needs, Bayargeo has built Khantaishir Vehicle Maintenance shop near to Geomandal Warehouse in the main road in 2012. It has capability to repair 12 cars at the same time, car wahs and 28 cars garage.  

Amgalan Main Ave. (Next to Botanic End-Station of Trolleybus Against Orgil Supermarket) 
BZ District, Khoroo 10, Ulaanbaatar  

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 7010-0714 
Fax: +(976) 9910-5428 
Email: security_service@geomandal.mn 


Geomandal Group

Geomandal Group

GEOMANDAL AGRO LLC was established to provide our clients and employees with a safe, fresh, and reliable supply of high-quality produces. 

The farm has a vegetable field, several green houses and a storage cellar.  We supply our clients with a variety of fresh produces, including cucumber, tomato, potato, carrot, cabbage, beetroot, onion, broccoli, and other fresh veggies. 

Recently we grow as well trees and bushes and re-plant them at Mandal Resort. 

Agricultural Farm 
At Mandal Resort, 60km east of UB, 
7km east of Genghis Khan (Chinggis Khaan) Monument 
Erdene Sub-province, Tuv Province 

Post Address: P/O Box 559, Ulaanbaatar 
211213 Mongolia 

Tel: +(976) 7010-0714, +(976) 9909-7935  

April 15, 2011
Update: April 12, 2014

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