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The final results of the Ulaanbaatar City Council Elections, 2012

Home pageThe final results of the Ulaanbaatar City Council Elections, 2012
DP dominates in the Capital City Representative KhuralOn July 04, 2012 the Head of the Ulaanbaatar City Election Commission U.Ganbold announced the final results summary of the Ulaanbaatar City Citizens Representatives Khural (Council) Elections of 2012.
The Ulaanbaatar City Citizens Representatives Khural comprises of 45 seats from which 30 seats are elected upon the Majority System from 9 districts of the Capital city, where the remaining 15 seats are elected upon the Proportional representation system, in other words from the candidates nominated in the Party List.
Info: General information about Ulaanbaatar city
News: General Development Plan for Ulaanbaatar city until 2020
Update: 2012.08.08: New Mayor of Ulaanbaatar city E.Bat-Uul receives his credentials
Update: 2012.07.09: D.Battulga is elected as Chairman of the City Council and E.Bat-Uul for Mayor of UB
List of the candidates who have received the most votes and have been elected in the electoral districts:
Administrative districts
of Capital city
Candidate Party
Khan-Uul 1 D.Baidrag DP
2 B.Tuvshin DP
3 Ts.Buyandalai DP
4 B.Enkh-Amgalan MPP
Bagakhangai, Baganuur 5 Ts.Sandag-Ochir MPP
Nalaikh 6 S.Amarsaikhan MPP
Bayanzurkh 7 G.Ganbayayr MPP
8 Ts.Enkhtsengel DP
9 S.Unen DP
10 B.Otgonbayar DP
11 J.Amarsanaa DP
12 B.Tumurchuluun MPP
Sukhbaatar 13 B.Bayarmagnai MPP
14 D.Badarsan DP
15 G.Tumurbaatar MPP
16 S.Ochirbat DP
Chingeltei 17 D.Ganbold MPP
18 T.Bat-Erdene DP
19 Ts.Baatarkhuu DP
20 L.Naranbaatar DP
Bayangol 21 L.Narantuya DP
22 D.Orosoo DP
23 Ts.Odontungalag DP
24 Ts.Altantsetseg DP
Songinokhairkhan 25 D.Avirmed MPP
26 R.Dagva MPP
27 L.Saintugs DP
28 Sh.Odgerel DP
29 T.Boldbaatar DP
30 D.Enkhsaikhan DP

According to above list, 20 candidates were elected from the Democratic Party (DP) and 10 candidates from Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) by the Majority System. The remaining 15 seats were elected by Proportional System as following. DP received 157,072 votes or 35.59%, where MPP received 115,869 or 26.09% votes. Whereas the “Justice Coalition” merged from MPRP and MNDP collected 101,239 or 22.80% votes and Civil Will Green Party collected 35,735 or 8.05% votes.
Thus, with the percentage of votes they received, these 4 parties succeeded in gaining seats at the Ulaanbaatar City Citizens Representatives Khural. As for the other parties the “Third Party Coalition” received 2.58% votes, Mongolian Green Party 1.94%, Civil Movement Party 0.91%, Mongolian Traditional United Party 0.85%, Motherland Party 0.52%, United party of Patriots 0.47% and Mongolian Socialist Democratic Party 0.2% respectively.
Accordingly, the DP claimed 6 seats at the Ulaanbaatar City Citizens Representatives Khural, where the MPP claimed 4 seats, “Justice Coalition” merged from MPRP and MNDP - 4 and CWGP - 1 seat respectively.  

List of candidates who have been elected from the Party List by Proportional System:
Democratic Party (6 seats)
1. E.Bat-Uul - Member of the Parliament
2. D.Battulga - Head of the Office of the President
3. N.Gantumur - Chief of the DP Office of the Capital City
4. P.Batchimeg - CEO of "APU Trading" LLC
5. A.Gantulga - Director of "Old Czech" LLC
6. D.Khurelbaatar - Deputy Executive Director of Trade and Development Bank
Mongolian People's Party (4 seats)
7. G.Munkhbayar - Governor of the Capital City
8. T.Gantumur - Representative of the Ulaanbaatar City Citizens Representatives Khural (Council)
9. N.Amarbayasgalan - Head of the Press Service of MPP
10. B.Saranchimeg - Leader of Social Democracy-Mongolian Women Association
"Justice Coalition" from MPRP and MNDP (4 seats)
11. L.Shagdarragchaa - President of "Barilga" Corporation
12. N.Bayaraa - Employee of Welfare Service Department of Nalaikh District
13. D.Batbayar - Director of "Chanamon" LLC
14. S.Ononbayar - Deputy Head of the 1000 division of MPRP
Civil Will Green Party (1 seat)
15. G.Gankhuu - General Secretary of CWGP


July 05, 2012

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