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Visa requirements to enter Mongolia

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News2015.11.18Mongolia tightens its visa regime in anticipation of the 11th ASEM Summit
News: 2014.11.14: Citizens of Mongolia and Russia start to visit visa-free from November 14, 2014
News: 2014.06.26: Citizens of 42 countries are traveling Mongolia visa-free between June 25, 2014 and December 31, 2015
News: 2014.06.12: The Government resolves to allow citizens of 42 Countries to travel Mongolia visa-free in 2014-2015

List of countries that require no visa to visit Mongolia 

Diplomatic or Officials passport
Ordinary passport
No visa for all type of passport holders, including A, H, J visas within 90 days.
Visit more than 90 days requires a visa
no visa
no visa within 30 days
6 Thailand
Philippines no visa within 21 days
no visa within 14 days
no visa within 90 days

no visa within 90 days


Viet Nam
North Korea
26 Poland
27 Laos no visa within 30 days
no visa within 30 days visa

South Korea
34 Cambodia no visa within 30 days
(Effective from September 27, 2012)

List of countries without visa fee 
Visa required but no visa applications, photos and fees are charged                           
No visa fee charged for tourist visa, but consular service fee of US$ 131 will be charged for the following types of visas: 
T - Employees of representative offices or entities with foreign investment
HG - students or trainees
TS - Immigrants
B - Business travelers,
O - Employees of international NGOs
BH - Journalists
Mongolia has consular conventions with the following countries:    
Afghanistan, Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, DPRK, Hungary, Laos, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, USA, Viet Nam, Yugoslavia.                               
Mongolia has treaties on mutual legal assistance with the following countries:                               
Bulgaria, China, Cuba, Czech, DPRK, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, ROK, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Viet Nam.                               
According to some mutual governmental agreements, citizens of certain countries need no visa to Mongolia. To see if you need a visa, you may apply for a visa at the diplomatic or consular mission of Mongolia in your country or in a location closest to you. 
The visa issuing rules have been eased since 1997. Practically a 30-day tourist visa can be obtained from any Mongolian Embassy abroad (see the list) within 24 hours for approximately US$ 40.00. Additional fees are charged for urgent visas. 
Alternatively, those who travel from countries with no Mongolian mission present, can get a visa either from the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing or Moscow , or at the arrival points: Chinggis Khaan (Buyant-Ukhaa) International Airport in Ulaanbaatar, Zamyn-Uud Railway Station on southern border or Sukhbaatar Railway Station on the northern border. 
Please beware that that procrastination with visa extension may result in several visits to the Ministry of External Relations and up to $ 5.00 fine for each day after your visa has expired. 
Visitors are also advised to obtain a proper transit visa from China or Russia. There were cases when foreigners who failed to secure two-time transit visas were denied entrance to these countries on their way back home from Mongolia. 

For traveling to Mongolia for the purposes of business or to work, three types of visas are available:  B visa, HG visa or T visa.  All visas should be obtained from a Mongolian consul before traveling to Mongolia.  It is highly inadvisable to attempt to obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport in Ulaanbaatar. 
“B” visa is a single entry business visa that is good for a visit of up to 30 days. After arrival, it is possible to have a “B” visa extended to a year-long, multiple entry visa, and good for 30 days per visit. A “B” visa holder cannot legally work while in Mongolia.  These visas are for visitors attending meetings, conferences, exhibitions and other similar events. “B” visas must be sponsored by a legally registered Mongolian company that has been operating in Mongolia for several years. 
Business visa application is only possible with an invitation letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, based on a request letter from a sponsoring company or its counterpart in Mongolia. 
Upon arrival to Mongolia, visitors staying for more than one month must register at the Immigration Agency within 7 days after arrival. 

“HG” visas allow foreign visitors to work in Mongolia. In addition to an “HG” visa, a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and long-term residency permit must be obtained in order to legally work in Mongolia.  Like the “B” visa, a single-entry “HG” visa and temporary work permit must be obtained before traveling to Mongolia to work.  Upon arrival, the “HG” visa will be extended for up to a year and a long-term work permit and residency permit will be issued.  Again, a fully registered Mongolian company must apply for this visa for all foreign workers.  A limited number of “HG” visas and work permits will be issued per company as the Mongolian government publishes annual quotas on the number of foreign workers allowed. “HG” visas can be renewed on an annual basis. 
Moreover in order to hire a foreigner, the company must meet the quota set by the government. Foreign-worker quota is issued annually by the government of Mongolia. Generally from 5 to 20% of a company’s workforce can be foreign, depending on the industry and the total number of employees a company employs. 

Obtaining a visa invitation letter is quite a complex process and involves various government agencies. A sponsoring Mongolian company must submit a request letter to the Immigration Agency, which will consult with the Labor and Welfare Agency before authorizing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade to issue a visa invitation letter. The ministry then forwards this letter to the embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of residence. 
The following entity residing in Mongolia and having legal priority gains the right to invite foreign citizens to Mongolia under the provision of related regulation. The entity shall be: 
- The Mongolian citizen 
- Foreign citizen with permanent permission for official purposes 
- Foreign citizen with permanent permission for private purposes 
- Permanent foreign resident 
- Stateless residing in Mongolia 
the Mongolian citizen, permanent foreign resident or stateless resided in Mongolia are permitted to invite up to 3 foreign citizens a year, foreign citizen with permanent permission for official or private purposes are permitted to invite only own family members, parents, children and relatives. 
The invited foreign citizen or stateless is permitted to arrive to Mongolia only twice a year and on every arrival shall pass the border by visa permitted through an invitation provided by inviter. 
Business entities, organizations and citizens inviting foreign citizens for a certain period of their stay shall do so in accordance with the legislation of Mongolia and shall be responsible for guest’s safety and depart them within visa duration. 
Citizens requested to obtain a visa for foreign citizens shall bring the one’s identification document (for Mongolian citizen), valid passport (for foreign citizen), and residence permission (for stateless person) with an identification document or copy of valid passport and address of permitted residence of foreign citizen whom he/she would like to invite to one of the organizations mattered above. 
Each person invitation fee is 10.000 MNT. 
About permanent residers on private purposes, permanent residers, immigrants and stateless one 
Immigrant is a foreigner came to reside in Mongolia for more than 5 years on private purposes. 
Stateless one is a foreigner married Mongolian citizen and resided in Mongolia for more than 90 days.
Permanent resider on private purposes is a foreign citizen residing in Mongolia 90 days to 5 years. 
Foreign citizen or stateless for requesting on permissions for permanent residence on private purposes permanent residence or for immigration shall fill an application form after going through the following formalities: 
- Request letter 
- Two generation resume of a requester 
- Educational or professional certificates, notarized copy of diploma 
- Recommendation letter of non-crime suspect (if foreign national resides in this country also recommendation from unit, housing area administrations and police office is required)  
- Recommendation letter from hospital proved the one is not infected by AIDS, other infect ional sicknesses, also sexual transmitted disease 
- Five recent photos sized 4x6 cm 
- If have a family member notarized copies of marriage certificate and birth certificates of children birth are required. 
Upon arrival to the country, a foreign citizen must register at the Immigration Agency within seven days of arrival, including non-work days. 

Within ten days of arrival, the 30 day visa must be converted into a year-long multiple entry work visa. Conversion is arranged at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and during conversion; a foreigner must also apply for a long-term residence permit which will be valid until the validity of the work permit. 

Foreigners employed in Mongolia are liable for social insurance taxes if they reside within Mongolia for 180 days within a 365 day period. 
Family members may accompany the employee by obtaining dependent “H” visas simultaneously with the main applicant. 
Unmarried partners may not accompany main applicant on long term dependent visa. 
Original birth and/or marriage certificates will be required for application of family members. 
Work permits and visas are issued for the maximum validity of one year, with the possibility of extension. 
“T” visas are issued to individual foreign investors in Mongolian companies or to a foreign Executive Director of a Mongolian company. “T” visas are six-month or year-long multiple entry visas than can be renewed annually.  Long-term residency permits are also issued to “T” visa holders. Before traveling to Mongolia a “T” visa must be applied for at a Mongolian consul. Once the visitor arrives in Mongolia a long-term residency permit must be applied for. 
Year-long visas cost USD130. All visas should be obtained outside of Mongolia before travel commences. US citizens can travel to Mongolia for a period of up to 90 days without a visa but must register if they will be in Mongolia longer than 30 days. 
Note: All information regarding visas is meant for informational purposes only and is not official. Please check with a Mongolian Embassy or the Mongolian Immigration Office for the specific visa requirements for citizens of your country. 

Documents needed to apply for Mongolian visa 
1. Passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry 
2. One application form Click here to download Application Form 
3. One passport size photo 
4. Travel itinerary (if the visit is for more than 7 days) 
  * Preferably, either an official invitation of the receiving entity -state, government, NGO, business entity or a request of the sending country and the organization.
  * Or, for tourists wishing to stay over one week up to 90 days, a letter of invitation from a travel agency.
  * Or, if you travel on a personal invitation of a Mongolian citizen, an invitation approved by the Office of Immigration, Naturalization and Foreign Citizens of Mongolia, and applicant's written statement concerning your financial credibility to cover stay in Mongolia
  * For those passing Mongolia in transit, onward ticket and visa for next destination

6. AIDS test required for students and anyone staying longer than 3 months. 

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April 22, 2011
Update: November 18, 2015

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