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Pitbull’s concert in Mongolia is CANCELED

Home page Pitbull’s concert in Mongolia is CANCELED
 Pitbull’s concert in Mongolia is CANCELED
Since the news of the grandiose show to be performed by Pitbull in Ulaanbaatar has passed several months, all tickets were sold out even in several foreign cities of Ulan-Ude, Chita, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Almaty and Khukh Khot (Hohhot). 
The first announcement of Pitbull’s concert in the Central Stadium of Ulaanbaatar was released to be on July 21, 2012, but shortly after the concert was postponed until September, conveying an apology from the Pitbull Team, making some of its fans hesitant that the concert would be organized at all. 
This morning, August 24, Project Fabulous, organizers of the concert, called a press conference making an announcement that the Pitbull concert in Ulaanbaatar was canceled under certain circumstances. Hence, the eagerness of thousands of fans of Pitbull to watch the concert "live" fell away with this regretful news. The organizers said the reason for the cancelation was due to the Pitbull Team requesting for another month of postponing till October 2012. “It sounds impossible to host the show in an open field in late October; the month usually in Mongolia gets quite cold. Although the first contract stated they could not cancel, the mutual parts have a right to postpone, but under several times of postponing and breaching the contracts we just proposed to cancel. However it caused a great loss to us, we appreciate our fans who understand and support us, despite we are really sorry for this. The tickets will be returned at the “BlueMon Center”, said organizers. 

August 24, 2012

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