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Mongolian Police to boost cooperation with Turkey
Home pageMongolian Police to boost cooperation with Turkey
General Director of the Turkish National Police Mehmet Kiliclar’i and Chief of National Police of Mongolia Bayanmunkh BILEGT
At the invitation of the General Director of the Turkish National Police Mehmet Kiliclar’i, Mongolian delegation led by its Chief of National Police Bayanmunkh BILEGT has conducted a five-day official visit to Turkey from December 12 to 17 of 2012. 
The visit was aimed to boost the cooperation of the two Police organs, particularly in the frames for the New Government for Changes of Mongolia, to collaborate with Turkish National Police under studying their experiences, expanding mutual cooperation and involving more Mongolian police personnel in Turkish vocational trainings in order to strengthen and renovate the activity of the Mongolian National Police. 
During the visit, the Mongolian delegation visited the Departments of Public Security and Investigation, the affiliated Foreign Affairs, Intelligence Office, Interpol-Europol-Sirene Department, Traffic and Education Departments, moreover the Police Academy of Turkey. 
Currently, 26 students from Mongolia are studying in the Police Academy of Turkey for a Bachelor degree and 10 postgraduates for Master and Doctorate degrees. Since 1997, 42 Mongolian nationals have graduated from the Police Academy of Turkey, besides 332 people have been involved in short-term vocational trainings in Turkey

Mongolian Police to boost cooperation with Turkey


December 17, 2012

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