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Best of the Mining Awards 2012 were announced

Home pageBest of the Mining Awards 2012 were announced
Best of the Mining Awards 2012 were announced
These days Mongolia celebrates the 90th anniversary of founding the mining activity and as part of the events, miners of recent generations have gathered to meet in the Government House on December 25, 2012. 
Back in 1922, the first mining utilization was conducted in current Nalaikh District of Ulaanbaatar city and since then it deems the lay of founding the mining activity in Mongolia
In the scope of the 90th event, the Mineral Resources and Mining Stock NGO and the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy (former name, now is divided into two Ministries - Ministry of Mining and Ministry of Energy) are jointly organizing the “Mining Awards” bestowal ceremony since 2009. 
At the meeting, the best of “Mining Awards 2012” were announced. 

Best of the “Mining Awards 2012” are:
Best Occupational Safety - “Boroo Gold” LLC 
Best Use of Technology - “National Mining Excavator” LLC 
Best Contractor - “Leighton” LLC 
Best Project Developer - “Pirop Erdene” LLC  
Best Investor - “Darkhan Metallurgy Plant” 
Best Rehabilitator - “Shijir Alt” LLC 
Best Drilling Company - “Rock Discovery Drilling” LLC 
Best Supplier - “Zamine Services” LLC 
Best Service Provider - “Uniservice Solution” LLC 
Best Eco Miner - “Peabody-Winsway Resources” LLC 


December 26, 2012

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