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Executive Director for Mongolian Railway Company is abdicated

Home pageExecutive Director for Mongolian Railway Company is abdicated
Executive Director for Mongolian Railway Company was abdicated
On January 10, 2013, the State Property Committee of Mongolia (SPC) issued a resolution to appoint Purevdorj BAT-ERDENE as a new Executive Director for "Mongolian Railway" JSC, replacing an incumbent Mendsaikhan ENKHSAIKHAN.
A day before, the Minister for Road and Transportation Amarjargal GANSUKH addressed to Chairman of the SPC Tsagaan NANZADDORJ regarding the position replacement, thereby the Committee executed the order accordingly. Abdicated M.Enkhsaikhan was accused under conflict regarding the matter of railroad construction to be set from Tavan Tolgoi site to Gashuun Sukhait.
In 2010, the State Great Khural (Parliament) resolved that Mongolia to have a broad track gauge following its State Policy on Railway Transportation, but former Executive Director M.Enkhsaikhan had an opposite position to run a narrow gauge, which was the reason he was to be fired. 
Mongolian Railway Company 
“Mongolian Railway” State Owned Share Holding Company was established on March 20, 2008, under the resolution No.82 of the Mongolian Government and decision of the State Property Committee, to start a fair business competition, to set up a national railway company and to own and use as a working capital property from the state budget or foreign loan and donation. 
Update: Japanese “Nippon Koei” Co.,Ltd has won Mongolia’s “New Railway” project tender

January 11, 2013

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