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Coal Mongolia 2013, International Conference and Exhibition in Ulaanbaatar in February

Home pageCoal Mongolia 2013, International Conference and Exhibition in Ulaanbaatar in February
Coal Mongolia 2013, International Conference and Exhibition in Ulaanbaatar on February 21-22, 2013
Coal Mongolia 2013, the Third International Conference and Exhibition for coal investors has been jointly organized by the Ministry of Mining of Mongolia at the "SS" Convention Center, Ulaanbaatar on February 21-22, 2013.
According to the upcoming event, Director of the Department of Strategy Policy and Planning affiliated the Ministry of Mining Ch.Otgochuluu, Director of the Coal Research Division affiliated the Mineral Resource Authority B.Altsukh and Secretary of the Conference Organizing Committee B.Altanshagai have called a press conference regarding the preparation works on February 18, 2013.
The primary objective of this event is to bring International Investors into the coal sector of Mongolia, to introduce the most advanced, environmentally friendly technologies in the coal mining sector, and to create a mutually beneficial partnership that will strengthen Mongolia’s competitiveness in the Asian region. The third event is to be held distinct from its previous ones, in which a new policy on coal being implemented by the new government will be introduced to foreign investors, and a newly amended bill on Mineral Resources will be discussed openly, where authorities from Canada, China, Japan, Russia and the United States, and some resident Ambassadors in Mongolia are also to attend the meeting. Last year about 1,000 delegates from 300 companies from around 20 countries attended the conference and 60 companies had participated in the expo.
Also, during the event some training and seminars with new advanced technology in coal industry will be organized, and holding a competition among journalists regarding an article on issues in the coal industry. In addition, on February 23, there will be an introduction tour to the biggest coal mines in Mongolia, to “Ukhaa Khudag” and to “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi”. As part of the tradition, Person of the Year, Best Miner, Best Export Supply Company, Best Local Supply Company and Best Exploratory Company will be selected and bestowed. 
Mining in Mongolia 
Mongolia’s mining sector has recently celebrated its 90th anniversary. These 90 years have seen Mongolia and its mining sector rise above challenges, turn into a vibrant democracy and an integral part of the world’s mines and minerals sector. At the enod of 2012, the mining sector was responsible for 18.6 percent of GDP, 67 percent of total output, and 87.7 percent of total exports of the country.
The coal sector of Mongolia is distinguished by being the pioneer in the development of geological and mining industry in Mongolia. Mongolia’s current reserve estimates stand at 173.3 billion tons today, placing it among the top resource-rich countries. This strong resource base of the country serves as a solid basis for Mongolian coal sector’s competitive position on the international market place. Mongolia produced 31.1 million tons of coal in 2012, of which 20.5 million were exported generating 828.5 billion MNT in budget revenues. 

First and Second Event Results for Coal Mongolia International Conference and Exhibition
held in Ulaanbaatar, 2011 and 2012:  

Coal Mongolia International Conference and Exhibition

Coal Mongolia International Conference and Exhibition
News: 2012.02.10: Coal Mongolia 2012 exhibition is ongoing
News: 2011.12.13: The second "Coal Mongolia" is announced


February 19, 2013

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