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Female representatives of the State Great Khural to protect children-jockeys’ rights

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Female representatives of the State Great Khural to protect children-jockeys’ right
In recent years, injuries and accidents have been occurring following horse racing competitions and have been increasing dramatically in conjunction with frequently organized tournaments, particularly children riding on horseback are victims of accidents, where several cases of fatal accidents have been recorded. 
Accordingly, in order to protect children's rights and make some amendments on the regulations of hosting the tournaments, a non-official group by female representatives of the State Great Khural (Parliament) sent a letter to the Head of the National Authority for Children, Premier N.Altankhuyag on March 26, 2013. 
In the letter of request, Parliamentarian S.Odontuya made clarification as follows, “Mongolia has a law on Celebration of the National Naadam, but does not have a specific law on organizing of horse racing competition. Mongolians have been cherishing its horse and children since early times. Current races are regulated by the Rule of Horse Racing Competition of the National Naadam Festival and by the Rule of Federation of Mongolian Horse Racing Sports and Trainers, but none of them have reflected any detailed clauses on liability or childrens' rights in the case of fatal accident or injury. Henceforth, we request to initiate a law on Horse Racing Competition and submit within the Spring Plenary Session of the Parliament”. 
According to statistics issued by the Ministry of Health, children-jockeys that were taken to the National Traumatology and Orthopedic Research Center who fell from their horses during races were accounted at 158 children as of the first 9 months of 2009, of which 85.4% were boys and the remaining 14.6% were girl-riders between the ages of 4 and 18 years old. This number has increased by 222 children in 2010, by 254 in 2011, and by 326 in 2012 respectively, moreover 2 children died last year. But in these statistics information from rural administrations were not reflected. 
Parliamentarian S.Odontuya added, children are being involved in such competitions at their own risk, besides helping their parents to earn a little money or prize, therefore in order to protect children’s legal authority and provide their security we demand to amend the affiliated law. 
The request letter was signed by female parliamentarians: 


March 27, 2013

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