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Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar requests Russian side to construct a natural gas pipeline via Mongolian territory

Home pageMinister of Economic Development N.Batbayar requests Russian side to construct a natural gas pipeline via Mongolian territory
Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar requests Russian side to construct a natural gas pipeline via Mongolian territory
Mongolian delegates led by Prime Minister of Mongolia N.Altankhuyag have participated in the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum held on May 22-24, 2014. 
During the attendance, Premier N.Altankhuyag and Minister for Economic Development of Mongolia N.Batbayar have held meetings with the Russian President V.V.Putin, Russian Railways President V.I.Yakunin, Rosneft President I.I.Sechin and Minister for Economic Development of the Russian Federation A.V. Ulyukayev respectively. 
During the meeting between Minister Nyamjav BATBAYAR and Minister Aleksei Valentinovich Ulyukaev, parties exchanged views on accelerating bilateral economical partnership, where Minister N.Batbayar proposed Mongolia’s initiations on constructing natural gas and oil pipelines, auto roads and energy network connecting Russia and China through Mongolian territory
In the scope of natural gas pipeline via Mongolian territory, Minister N.Batbayar offered that Russia, China and Mongolia, the three parties should agree on establishing a new concept of this gas route namely “Steppe Road”. He also noted it was good that the Governments of Russia and China have negotiated to construct a natural gas pipeline and if the route passes through Mongolia it would be the most beneficial solution for three countries. 
Furthermore, Minister N.Batbayar said in order to increase bilateral trade turnover, parties agreed to mutually realize its national currencies, to establish a swap agreement and strengthen cooperation between the Central Banks of the two countries. 
In response, Russian Minister A.Ulyukaev affirmed to fully utilize the economic partnership opportunities and offered to study on co-establishing and joining a Free Trade and Economic Zone. 
Afterwards, relevant Ministries agreed to establish agreement on cooperation between the two countries in order to facilitate bilateral economic partnership. 
News: Rosneft signs an agreement on cooperation with the Petroleum Authority of Mongolia
News: Russian Rosneft Company signs a 5-year term contract with Mongolia’s NIC LLC for oil products supplies
News: Government of Mongolia is ready to support the issue on natural gas pipeline through Mongolian territory, says Premier N.Altankhuyag
News: Prime Minister of Mongolia meets the President of Russian Railways JSC
News: Prime Minister of Mongolia is left the country to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2014
News: President Putin accepts all initiations extended by the President of Mongolia to strengthen bilateral cooperation
News: Prime Minister introduces the “100 Days to Strengthen Economy” plan-project to foreign representatives in Mongolia
Minister of Economic Development N.Batbayar requests Russian side to construct a natural gas pipeline via Mongolian territory
News: Russia is seeking to advance its Yak-130 aircraft to Mongolia, Vietnam and Latin America
News: Ministry of Mining of Mongolia is hosting its Open Day introducing "Erdenet" Mining Corporation
News: Mongolia invites Russia to co-implement projects on constructing railways, roads, power lines, gas and oil pipelines
News: Ulaanbaatar Railway is equipped with 15 new passenger trains as part of technical renovations

News: Government of Mongolia resolves to establish a project unit for Asgat Silver Deposit
News: A draft bill Mongolia’s railroad to have both narrow and broad gauges is presented
News: Mongolian nationals to visit Russia will submit e-visa application form, which is effective from June 01, 2014
News: SCO Secretary General D.F.Mezentsev is conducting an official visit to Mongolia

News: I.Sechin: Russia is ready to implement a long-term contract on supplying oil products via pipeline to Mongolia
News: Mongolia to export 20 thousand tons of coal to North Korea from third quarter of 2014
News: The Russian Federation expresses its readiness to assist Mongolia in developing Ulaanbaatar
News: Mongolia is interested to open Joint Wood Market in Russia

News: Mongolia’s business delegation to conduct a working visit to Moscow
News: Mongolia-Russia joint venture Ulaanbaatar Railway carried 21 million tons freight in 2013
News: Mongolia, Russia and China signed a joint declaration to develop a transit transportation
News: The IX Consultative Meeting between the Foreign Ministries of Russia, China and Mongolia was held in Beijing

News: Mongolia and Russia agreed to conduct an audit on its joint ventures in 2014-2016
News: Mongolia to build its first modern highway linking Russia and China
NewsMongolia expresses its interest to cooperate with SCO in the field of transportation
NewsThe XVII Intergovernmental Committee meeting between Russia and Mongolia held in Moscow on November 26-27

NewsMongolia to accelerate its cooperation with Russia in mineral resources
News: Mongolia’s vertical corridor is now fully operational to connect Russia and China
NewsRussian Ambassador I.Azizov was accredited by President Ts.Elbegdorj 
NewsAmbassador to Russia Sh.Altangerel was accredited by President V.Putin
NewsThe Days of Russia-Mongolia Friendship and Partnership are being celebrated in broad ranges
NewsForeign Minister L.Bold meets with Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov 
NewsMongolia-Russia biosphere reserve agreement will be established 
Mongolia-Russia’s Altanbulag-Kyakhta border crossing to be operational 24 hours a day

Consultative meeting between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and Russia 
The 35th anniversary of establishment of Erdenet Mining Corporation
Prime Minister of Mongolia meets with Russian Railways President
Russia expresses its interest to accelerate Ulaanbaatar Railway’s technical renovation


May 26, 2014

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