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Infomongolia.com : Mongolia, Daily news, Information about Mongolia, Mongolian language lessonsThe "InterNom" book store ranks the best selling books of this week, the 21st to 27th of May. Top 10 books were ranked by literature and other genres. The last week’s literature bestseller was “Chonon Suld” by Jiang Rong and R.Choinom’s “Sumtai Budariin Chuluu” which ranked at 10th in the previous week, was listed at 5th. “Buugiin Domog”, “Anne Frank’s dairy”, “85 remarkable literatures of the world” etc books were newly entered into the bestselling list.
“Ancient Tibetian secret recipe of young age” that published by “Amjiltyn Hutuch” NGO was ranked at the top of other genre best selling books. Famous scholar and psychologist Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and Influence people” was entered into the list recently and ranked at 9th.
Top 10 bestselling literature books
1.    “Chonon Suld” – Jiang Rong
2.    “Breaking Dawn” – Stephanie Meyer
3.    “Historical Any Queen” – B.Shuudertsetseg 
4.    “Green Eyed Lama” – Ts.Oyungerel
5.    “Sumtei Budariin Chuluu” – R.Choinom 
6.    “My Life History” – Hillary Clinton 
7.    “Anne Frank’s dairy” – Anne Frank 
8.    “New Moon” – Stephanie Meyer 
9.    “Buugiin Domog” – G.Ayurzana
10.  “85 remarkable literatures of the world” – G.Ayurzana 
Top 10 bestselling other genre books
1.    “Ancient Tibetian secret recipe of young age” – “Amjiltyn Hutuch” NGO 
2.    “Morning Person” – B.Enkh-Amgalan 
3.    “Oxford Monsudar English-Mongolian, Mongolian-English pocket dictionary”– D.Tumurtogoo and J.Bat-Ireedui 
4.    “The Diamond Cutter” – Michael Roach
5.    “Woman’s life starts at 20 years old" vol. 1, 2 – Nam In Sug
6.    “Secret History of Mongol Queens” – Jack Weatherford
7.    “Mother and Child” – Elizabeth Fenwick
8.    “World History” – “Monsudar” and “Dorling Kindersley” publishing companies 
9.    “How to win friends and Influence people” – Dale Carnegie 
10.  “The Subconscious: The Hidden Engine of Our Success” – John Kehoe
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May 30, 2011

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