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Japanese "Kanji-1006" Lessons


Thank you for choosing the "Manabu" Japanese Kanji-1006 lessons

We are pleased to introduce you our new on-line product the "Manabu" Japanese Kanji lessons for everyone to closer understand the culture of writing, to solve the urgent need for an easy-to-memorize kanji writing for beginners, intermediate and upper intermediate learners, enough to satisfy the practical need of the serious learner.

The "Manabu" Japanese Kanji writing lessons contains the most frequently used 1,006 kanji characters, known as Kyouiku (Education) Kanji, which is studied from the 1st to the 6th grades of elementary schools in Japan. Studying the "Manabu" Japanese Kanji writing lessons would be a great beginning and strong basic knowledge to further study the basic 2,136 Joyo kanji or literally "Regular-use characters".

The advantages of the on-line "Manabu" Japanese Kanji writing lessons is to give the learner a complete understanding of kanji's correct writing and its structure, by providing an animated kanji stroke order. By presenting the stroke movements by proper stroke order for each kanji in form of animation on the computer display to learner, we have provided a visual presentation of the kanji writing process. This should help Japanese learners to gain the knowledge of stroke orders and also to replicate the writing of kanji by themselves. Using a kanji stroke order's animation in kanji learning system will help a learner to gain knowledge of radicals, hence stimulate the recognition of kanji. This is the perfect way of practicing, which the learner can do their homework using a Pen Tablet or just simply practice on the screen using a PC mouse, meaning a learner can practice whenever and everywhere, where internet is connected. For good writing skills we have used the Ricoh Font (by Ricoh Company, Font License Agreement, from January 7, 2013).

The other specifics of the "Manabu" Japanese Kanji writing lessons is a searching system (In Search page) that a user can search a kanji choosing a class level (1-6), also by English meaning, and On (upper) and Kun (lower) readings and also by a Stroke number.

If the letters or characters in the lesson appear not correctly, please install Japanese language from your computer's "Regional and Language" settings.

We sincerely hope that this online course will be a good foundation for your Kanji learning and everyone who is using this course will get the real benefit out of it.

Now, it's time to start, let's write grammatically the Japanese Kanji!

News: The "Kanji 1006 Japanese Kanji Writing Lessons" application is now available at the iTunes App Store

Get the Kanji 1006 Japanese Kanji Writing Lessons app on iTunes Store:
- iPad version

Sample lesson Only 80 Kanji (1st grade)

Japanese Kanji Lessons "Manabu"

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